The art of pressing “Publish”

17+ years ago I started actively maintaining online profiles of many types – from anonymous forum moderation, to an imaginary corporate community management persona, to enterprise administration + obviously quite a few instances where I networked + micro/macro blogged using my true identity.

For the last 3 years I took a hiatus from moderation to instead half-write (+ yet never actually publish, it seems) hundreds of blog posts.

This approach isn’t particularly productive + in hindsight, could betray a lack of confidence to be my real self online.

Of course, even one’s concept of “real self” is susceptible to metamorphosis, something I do notice when stumbling across old Twitter bios, website “about me” pages + blog posts.

It’s been easy to let fear of embarrassment + the excuse of being too time poor to polish a post hold me back from blogging. Recently though, a tragedy changed the way I view the brave public sharing of thoughts.

Early 2017 brought the unexpected + heartbreaking loss of a special friend I thought the world of. I knew her in the “real world” plus in her online spaces, both public + private.

Being able to see her words, read her thoughts, scroll through the photo art she created, to laugh at her jokes + the memes she shared has been hugely comforting, even as the loss still feels so raw.

It impressed upon me how the thought patterns of humans are unique + precious, no matter what the topic.

I believe an authentic digital legacy can become a treasure, creating good “memories” for both ourselves + others to look back on.

As a wife + as a mother to two very special girls, I also now feel a responsibility to document my true values, in case my mortal coil ends sooner than expected.

So, to that end, I commit to *finishing + publishing* blog posts throughout 2017, no matter how imperfect or unpolished. Here’s to a degree of digital immortality!IMG_20170228_121625_582


2 thoughts on “The art of pressing “Publish”

  1. Kristen, thank you for this. I have recently started a blog and felt a sudden dread the moment I pressed ‘publish’. I realised, in that moment, I had opened myself up to the world in a way I never had before. It was exhilarating and terrifying. Your blog shed some new light on the matter–so thank you. Keep up the brave work.

  2. Really glad you enjoyed the post Lindi. I think that’s another big factor, where so many of us lurk on the internet but often the only comments made are negative. I appreciate your kind words, so will also try to comment more myself.

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