Playing the long game – an alternative to disruption

“Making it” in life is often reduced to a choice of doing something vs being someone.

We know that doing something requires rocking the boat, bucking the trend, sticking it to the man, forging disruption.

Conversely, there’s a defined path towards being someone – you might climb the ladder faster, but it’s the same ladder to the same destination, with more yes-person clones toiling up the rungs behind you.

There are consequences to either option.

With premature disruption there’s a risk to the status quo via sinking the boat, being fired by the man, push back against change – disrupting family lives or your business’ operations isn’t helpful.

With the ladder, once you’re at the top you’re so co-opted to the dichotomy of top vs bottom + up vs down, right over left, that you’d never even consider the ladder needs changing.

The alternative to being “indentured by” vs fighting the system is looking for an alternate path within the system + involving others in the game.

Proactively share your slow burning ideas until they get traction + snowball, establish a feedback loop, sow the seed for change, iterate + re-pitch.

Assemble a squad of like-minded players with the same goal.

Together you may decide a new winch, harness, dry-treated rope + belay relay will help in future lake crossings + can replace rickety ladders alike.

By championing diversity of thought, collating evidence + ensuring voices of reason are chanting the same fight song you can trigger a cascade of meaningful change.

Playing the long game as a team leads to transformation.

IMG_20170308_075401_852Random street art photographed by Kristen Obaid

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