Moving home – the pros and cons thus far

* A big pro = meet our new half Husky, half black German Shepherd guardian.

I’m terrified of living in a house with doors and *gasp* windows after revelling in security entry and video intercom for 12 years. So I’m making allowances for the cons of dog stench after her frolics through local waterways, paw prints on white outfits before work in the mornings and hazardous canine bodily secretions barely submerged in the undergrowth carpeting the hills hoist route.

Her blue eyed half is the Husky heritage (now we’ve got 3 x smiling Irish eyes in our family). Her silky jet black fur which keeps my feet warm in front of the TV, her bark when threatened and the playmate camaraderie she gives Miss4 are all pros. The fact that I’m allergic to all three of our current pet species is a con.

Irish blue eye

Irish blue eye – half black German Shepherd, half Husky

* Miss-just-turned-4 loving her new daycare and her teacher(s) is a major pro. At the old centre she’d report back to me daily on the mean things her least-favourite teacher had said to her. The idea of a teacher bullying a 3 year old is scary. To head off to work after abandoning my crying and shaking (previously daycare-loving) little girl was heart wrenching.

Unfortunately, the fact that Miss4’s new inappropriately named “long daycare” is only open from 7.30am-5.30pm AND charges $5 a minute for late fees is a major con. Especially when we copped a $205 fine on one day in the first week.

Miss 4 now likes school, especially seeing the robot on the way

Miss 4 now likes school, especially seeing the robot on the way

* Arising in sub-arctic temperatures pre-dawn to get to work on time isn’t a pro either. I miss living in a multi-story because the sun always seemed to be up earlier. Once we get our gas line installed, I may find it easier to wake up in the mornings.

* My cusp-of-Gemini (aka multiple personality) jury is still “out” on whether the hilly terrain in Earlwood is a pro or con. I’ve been telling myself the walk to/from the train station will make up for not being able to go to the work gym at lunch time. The altitude of my butt this summer will put an end to deliberations.

* Leaving behind our spacious built in robes will take some time (and ruthless anti-hoarding) to recover from. A pro is that we now have secret old keys to ancient doors and small hidden closets to make up for the cons of having no real storage at all. To start with, we tried hanging our clothes on the picture rails and curtain rods but had a minor disaster resulting in a bent rod and fallen plaster, which caused me to threaten MrO “Anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months will go to St Vinnies”.

And now he is playing Call Of Duty while wearing a $2,000 beige brand named llama wool trenchcoat.

Makeshift wardrobe - wear it or lose it

Makeshift wardrobe – wear it or lose it

* Our new pomegranates, olives, oranges, apples, bananas, lemons and Frangipani trees will be a pro if I can keep them alive to fruition.

Attempting to discover my green thumb before the strange fungus on one of the lemon trees spreads and annihilates all other plants = my next big task.

* Perhaps the worst con about the move is that I now disembark at Central Station. I really miss my morning walk through Redfern.

* Reading paperbased books on the train (because 3G doesn’t work) has taken some getting used to, but is turning out to be a pro.

* As is the inspiring real estate in this area, reigniting memories of a job i once loved:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* Another pro is the confirmation that big houses and swanky cars make no difference. All the parents beg, yell, cajole and threaten their kids off to school at the same time in this area. Very comforting.

* Coming home on a Thursday night after work to find two new puppies after work should be a pro.

The fact that it seems a wrinkly Shar Pei (or perhaps a Pig Dog?) acquired carnal knowledge of our gorgeous new Husky cross a couple of weeks before she came to live with us is a con. Luckily she only had two puppies. Even Miss4 (after a little negotiation) agrees that we’d rather wait to keep the offspring of a “planned” and ridiculously good looking litter.

It’s still an awe inspiring pro to witness the natural protective instincts of a new mother, and to watch these warm cuddly little creatures grow so fast. I wonder what colour their eyes will be.

Three canines for the price of one - Paternity Not Acknowledged

Three canines for the price of one – Paternity Not Acknowledged

The one with a white face is a boy and the darker one is a girl. Please let me know if you’d like to adopt – the puppies’ mother is intelligent, has a gorgeous nature and distinctive eyes.


2 thoughts on “Moving home – the pros and cons thus far

  1. “And now he is playing Call Of Duty while wearing a $2,000 beige brand named llama wool trenchcoat.”

    Mental image causes hilarity.

    That daycare levy surcharge thing is crazy – there is no way that the teacher who stayed behind got paid $205 for doing so.

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