Butterflies and flowers? Redfern you’ve changed.

On my last walk through Redfern, I chased butterflies all the way to work.

Literally – two huge gorgeous black and white Orchard butterflies like this.

I wanted (& tried to take) a photo but couldn’t catch them.

What I did catch was the bright colours blooming on Redfern streets – red, purple, white frangipanis, golden Autumn leaves, modern buildings with palm trees.

My new home is on the Airport line, so i have to get off at Central these days.

I’ll really miss my walks through through Redfern.

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Here are some of my memorable Redfern adventures… the taxidermied giraffe and other curiosities shop, the theatre set themed pop up shop, Madmen-esque furniture wares, the walk through Redfern, Coffee Tea & Me Campos cafe… ILY Redfern, *sniff*.


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