St Vinnies, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways…

I love recycling, hate shopping and would prefer not to waste money on frivolous things like fashion – so you can guess how much I adore St Vinnies.

Let me count the ways:

1) Sunshine yellow floor length dress +
2) Black halter neck dress +
3) Frilly black & white dress +
4) Black babydoll dress with satin bow +
= a grand total of $23

Today, i had an absolute StVinnies blow out, spending a whopping $25 in one transaction.

Because Miss3 needed a mermaid tail.

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We didn’t sleep at all last night due to a combination of Miss3’s high fever, snotty nose & the fact that she’s allergic to sodium benzoate (an ingredient in children’s panadol) and therefore she has to have the orange flavoured Nurofen (despite being asthmatic and slightly less allergic to orange flavouring than strawberry). Nurofen brings her fever down, but her skin crawls, makes her sweat (another thing she’s allergic to) and the itching drives us all insane.

After a sleepless night, i commenced the cool bath battle but Miss3 didn’t want a bar of it.

I told her that mermaids like cold water and suggested she could use her imagination. But Miss3 said she was too sick to imagine anything. So in a moment of desperation, i told her we’d go find a mermaid tail at StVinnies next door. Walking out of the house i threw a prayer-like beseechment to Deity “Please let us find something bright green and/or glittery”.

We did. And more.

$3 diamond shoes, for the princess before she becomes a mermaid
$1 blue plastic tablecloth
$1 purple sparkly handbag
$1 magic wand, to turn a princess into a mermaid
$20 green flowing, frilly, sequined dress that just needs a little stardust to become a mermaid tail

Sick and tired Miss3 telling a whole imaginative mermaid story before climbing into a bath that feels too cold to her?

= Priceless

St Vinnies Bankstown - how to make a mermaid tail

Miss 3, my feverish little mermaid

Pretty sure i’ll bequeath my earthly belongings back to St Vinnies, out of appreciation.

~ Magic clothes from St Vinnies – 2 East Terrace Bankstown NSW 2200 (02)9796 1176
~ First line of poem “How do I love thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)


2 thoughts on “St Vinnies, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. I am ssssooo proud how thrifty and imaginative you are, just like your Mum. Remember the five minute creations I came up with for Sim? gloves streamers egg cartons paper plates cardboard amongst other things and hey presto a dinosaur/clown/indian…..Well done. xx

  2. The yellow floor length one is fab. You always rock a frock K. It helps that you have a model’s frame and looks of course but you have imagination too.

    Loving Ms 4’s mermaid look.

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