What’s the point of art?

I’m overly practical when it comes to decorations, pretty things & non-necessities. Knickknack collections make me cringe at the mere imagining of dusting the things and realigning them weekly. Not to mention the torture of wrapping & packing them if one needs to move interstate or overseas.

So until now I haven’t owned anything I couldn’t see real purpose in. In fact I don’t even buy furniture – my marriage bed has been a mattress on the floor for the last 4.5 years and when people have questioned it I’ve told them it’s good for my back & easy to make.

I do love thinking about pretty things though. If I allowed myself time to daydream I’d think a lot about cars (a 100% chromed dipped HJ Kingswood, rainbow two-pack pearl sprayed HQ panel van, electric blue Monaro, cherry red Mustang) I’d think of white leather dream lounges & red snakeskin Prada dream shoes, fantasy bay front homes with heated infinity pool, stainless steel barbecue area and a timber jetty on which to disembark our yacht.

It was a bit of an eye opener to see and live that life throughout France and Italy. I saw so many beautiful things in Europe that it actually helped me see more beauty here in Australia – like the wrought iron fish on grates at Circular Quay train station, old buildings in Bankstown full of potential, Balmoral Beach.

But I experienced a life changing mental shift on my last day in Venice. (I mean, besides having a nice lady from the US check out my chakras over Skype(!) and tell me what was blocking 5 of them and explaining why my heart felt dead to date – clearly a whole ‘nuther story).

On that last day in Venice I also saw something that had no practical purpose except … “meaning“. Behold, this beautiful winged painted heart:

Beautiful South American style sacred heart colourfully painted with wings

Beautiful South American style sacred heart colourfully painted with wings

Old me would have thought “That’s nice, but we don’t need it. Why are the wings gold? I don’t like gold. And how would I transport it anyway?” Old me would have thought “But my mum already gave me one pretty thing for my house, i don’t need another”. (Looky at this gorgeous and practical calendar, my mum knows me well).

Instead of offering all the excuses for why I don’t want any stuff lying around my house giving me feelings at inconvenient times, new “eyes open” me actually saw the winged heart’s positive symbology. I could clearly see the representation of what I desperately wanted to come home to in Australia.

Bringing that heart home has kicked off a little obsession with beautiful things. Not necessarily to buy, but at least to muse over a lot more often. I’ve always been a fan of symbology outside of my home (expect a few posts on symbols I discovered in Europe!) but I had no idea of the importance of having meaningful things inside our home space too. Things that remind us of what we’re all striving for – love, health and happiness. To remind us of times we were happy, how good it felt and why it is worth the effort to get that feeling back again.

I’ve discovered that actively choosing to fill your mind’s eye with beauty truly helps you feel it. I may be a little addicted to my new Pinterest “Colourfulality” – which is what I always told my parents I’d be when I grew up, a Colourfulalitist, before stumbling into that soul destroying blackness of teenage depression and bullying.

As a child I dreamed of rainbows and symbols – as an almost-30-year-old adult I’m now searching every day, hoping to revisit those dreams on Google.

Since coming home, when I close my eyes at night I can see beautiful things instead of pitch black or worse. I now see bright coloured winged sacred hearts, rainbows, amazing buildings and a breathtakingly gorgeous world.

I’ve discovered that art and beauty is ultra-practical after all.


7 thoughts on “What’s the point of art?

  1. Art in the home should make us happy.

    We have a John Byrne print that encouraged my husband to stop smoking and lead to a new understanding in our house recently.

    Such is the power of symbology.

    1. Hmm, WordPress on mobile is eating my words… Would love to see the painting next time we visit you… You have a lot of beautiful things in your home (most curated by an exceptionally gorgeous creature might I add!) x

  2. I love the winged painted heart. It almost appears to speak to you…perhaps opens your chakras …haha 🙂 I had been like you and not buying stuff thinking that we might have to move if I find a job in another city here in the US, however I stand changed. I finally bought not 1 but 2 beds(mostly ’cause my inlaws were vising), a great sofa, a painting for the drawing room and a nice TV and stand. Trust me, it feels great to live like this 🙂

    1. Two beds! Hehe… I think in some ways we’re still better off than those who buy & buy & never feel happy despite being surrounded by possessions, maybe we’ve found a new balanced middle ground, a stage of evolution – making our caves comfy, but not so much of a part of us that we couldn’t leave if we had to & start a happy new life elsewhere 🙂

  3. You KNOW I love it! Where can I get one? I had my hearing tested yesterday [what?] and on the wall were these canvas pieces, an ad for hearing aids [what?] I commented on their awesomeness and the lady said she hated them so much that she wanted to get rid of them, you know that i was bold enough to ask for them. Only trouble was receptionist who obviously heard the convo came running saying she loved them too and she should get first dibs. Being me ever kind and charitable self I agreed with her. I am actually taking Mark[ Kristens Dad] back to see them and take photos. They depicted a humanist shape, one was in autumn colours and had 3d objects made from what appeared to be chopsticks over it. One was beautiful blues and green fabric flowing out like arms and it had feathers and other embellishments, the third had shapes cut out or coloured corrugated cardboard in multiple colours it looked rainbowesk. They made my heart soar just to look at them. The lady informed me they were the creation of the person responsible for Lady GaGa’s outfits. Incredibly awesome.

    1. You’ll have to come with me to Venice Mimmini… Or maybe South America next year? Those canvases sound awesome, can you please send me pics when you get them? xox

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