Dilmah vs Lipton tea

MrO and i are going through a tea stage at the moment. Not quite to the stage of buying different blends every week (i went there once & it soon got expensive) but i’m still thinking about tea more often than usual.

And so i noticed the new Lipton ad featuring Paul Mercurio of Strictly Ballroom fame. I say that i noticed it, but didn’t really connect with it despite my love of tea and Baz Luhrmann movies.

The tea ad i *did* connect with had an interactive element to it – a Dilmah full pager, with a QR code. Did you know you could use black tea in Jasmine Thai Salmon? Me neither.

The QR code worked straight away and the site was really simple, plus mobile optimised. I went there for one recipe and found a few recipes, all with the ingredients neatly listed and a “how to” video = love it.

The Dilmah app used a variant of Dilmah green all the way throughout, so you can bet i’ll experience some subliminal brand recall next time i’m standing in the tea aisle at the supermarket. Quite impressed!

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PS I can’t believe T2 are retiring Gogo Geisha!?!


2 thoughts on “Dilmah vs Lipton tea

  1. I’ve been loving the last few posts. When you write about the topic you love (marketing) I can see that you are destined for great things.

    Quite frankly they are lucky to have you over there. I hope that they realise this

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