It’s not the size, it’s how you use it.

I’ve always loved big words. My first job application letter barely made sense. I clearly ascribed to the “Why use a standard word when a descriptive verb of excessive and astronomical proportions will consistently surpass a miniature and insubstantially sized but evidentially adequate one?” copywriting philosophy.

Now that I read dictionaries less often and I’ve found other ways to demonstrate my value to society (ha!) I’m discovering a whole new world of words.

Namely 2 and 3 letter words that fit into tight spaces on virtual scrabble boards.

These in particular amused me enough to printscreen:

Kristen Obaid - dal - words with friends

Speak to me, Dalek!

Dal – an Indian food made of lentils, a letter in the Arabic alphabet, a TLA for data access layer, a town in Norway or a fictional alien race.

Kristen Obaid - uta - words with friends

Where the mormons are

Uta – a genus of lizard, a skin disease, an Italian municipality or an Indonesian seaside village and an acronym for the Utah Transit Authority. And I thought I was just making these up.

Kristen Obaid - aga - words with friends


Aga – a species of black crow, a heated cooking device, or the American Gaming Association. Not to be confused with that agar stuff in petri dishes.

I really didn’t expect to get away with these two, much less at the same time:

Kristen Obaid - la re - words with friends

A female deer

Re – could be regarding Indian currency, or an initialisation for rare earth or possibly refer to the Egyptian word for mouth.

La – is quite clearly a note to follow So, plus the feminine singular definite article in many romance languages.

Kristen Obaid - squab - words with friends


Squab – is domesticated pigeon and the tasty meat thereof. I didn’t know this word until Words With Friends approved it. I was vaguely thinking about squibs from Harry Potter and swabbing the deck of pirate ships. I really like it though.

Sometimes i’m entertained for different reasons. Like:

Kristen Obaid - hoe ho - words with friends

Hoe ho

Hoe, ho!

And the hidden message in this one:

Kristen Obaid - udo - words with friends


(In case you missed it = Udo – Japanese perennial plant often included in miso soup, it also stands for Ultra Density Optical and is a common historical name from the middle ages, usually refering to someone with a lot of cash.)

And then there are some words I still don’t get:

Kristen Obaid - weel - words with friends

Weel, weel, weel, what 'ave we 'ere?

Weel – I just thought weel was Scots for well, and weel, I still cannae find any evidence to the contrary and dinnae ken why Words With Friends let me use it.

What websites or activities expand your vocabulary?


3 thoughts on “It’s not the size, it’s how you use it.

  1. You know I am with you with the big words.

    Also, did you see that Shiva the god of destruction was lurking in your letters?

    Would you get away with him? If so, I wonder what would happen …

  2. I didn’t know you subscribed 😉 Words with friends *did* let me get away with Shiva! I guess it is less strict than the old “no names or places” Scrabble rules.
    On a similar but unrelated note, my iphone correctly suggested “zooperdooper” today when i was only half way through the word… i was impressed.

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