Experience Oman at Darling Harbour – last day today!

If the kids are bored at home, take them down to the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour before 6pm tonight… there’s a wonderful (indoor & free!) exhibition on the culture of Oman, brought here by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and backed by the Sultan of Oman.

Omanis make jewellery, carve boats and perform live music as if you’re in an Omani souq (marketplace). You’ll be welcomed and entertained as a guest with free traditional sweets and coffee, while you watch fashion shows and live dance performances. The silverware, furniture and weapons are absolutely gorgeous too – and you’re allowed to take photos.

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You can get henna designs painted on your hands, or dress up in Omani clothing and have your photo taken… it will inspire a desire to travel and an openness for foreign culture in your children (and let’s be honest, you’ll be inspired too) and best of all – it’s free. There’s also a holiday competition but there’s no point entering because my mother in law and i want to win so the less entries the better 😉

The colours and intricacies of the traditional dresses were beyond description… so here’s a grainy iphone video:

Here’s the Oman Cultural Days website if you can’t get down there this year, at least have a look at this gorgeous gallery of picturesque Oman and take a 5 minute mental holiday.


2 thoughts on “Experience Oman at Darling Harbour – last day today!

  1. What a shame that today is the last day!

    Great review Kristen – I have been really enjoying your posts with the colourful bursts of photography.

    Now, what should we all be doing this weekend?

    1. @Gabfran I’ve been loving your posts too! I can’t recommend my whole weekend as i was mostly sick… but I took Miss3 to the museum yesterday – it was $12 for me and it’s free for under 5s (sorry, i didn’t look at the price for Noisy Boy)… it was a lot of fun though, we should go together sometime!

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