Digital revolution – the highlights

I wanted to tweet this article but couldn’t choose my single favourite quote… so I thought I’d whack the best bits into a short & sweet blog post.

Quoting AdNews & Aegis Media Pacific CEO Luke Littlefield

The facts:

– 70% of Australians expected to be connected to the internet via a smartphone by 2013
– Mobile will become a $46 million-dollar-a-year business by 2015, up from $10 million presently
– Australia has 1 million Farmville players and 28% of those are women over 35. These users play an average of 30 minutes per day
– In the US there are 30 million virtual farms on Farmville alone, but only two million actual farms across the entire country
– Australia is now one of 20 nations that has more mobile phones than people
– It’s estimated there are 26 million active mobile phones across the nation, which is a theoretical penetration rate of 116%.
– Of this, the smartphone penetration rate is 50%.
– Globally China, India and the US also have more mobile phones than people.
– It’s estimated the world has five billion mobiles currenlty(sic) active and within four years smartphone technology will be available anywhere around the world.
– iPhone app downloads have exploded to 14 billion over the last 12 months compared to one billion in the previous period.
– Australians consume on average 50 hours a week of media.

The punchline:

“Commercial success will be more than just about reach and frequency, more than eyeballs and ROI. It will be about data, content, e-commerce and customers.”

Italics entirely mine… so the future lies in knowing our customers (data) & keeping them happy.

Love that we’re getting back to basics! 🙂


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