Yummy mummy body hacks

I put on 21kgs when I was pregnant and as an ex-gym-junkie who’d have protein powder for morning & afternoon tea & go to the gym 3 times a day – I must admit i was terrified of how my post baby body would look.

Luckily, i lost 7kg during the birthing marathon and pretty quickly lost the other 14kg by breastfeeding & hardly getting time to eat/cook/sit down during the first few months.

But when Miss3 was 6 months old & i returned to full time work, things started getting a bit jiggly. The cafeteria in my building sells $3 egg rolls for breakfast & serves $2.50 hot chips for lunch – aka comfort in the form of fried carby goodness.

A few months ago I began an incidental exercise plan and I’m adding a new activity each week. Once you start doing them, they become second nature. And none of it feels like exercise at all.

I made them up myself & i’m not your doctor so if something hurts, don’t do it… unless it’s a good muscle building kinda pain:

Do squats whilst blow-drying your hair. If you start to feel hot, slow it down… but don’t stop.
Also, try not to let your elbows below upper rib cage level until your hair is entirely dry – it works your lats at the same time.
Lift your knees to your chest while waiting for the kettle to boil, first left, then right… and so forth.
Do kegels while waiting for the microwave to count down.
Give your child a piggy back around the house & do lunges, side lunges & squats – going lower every day. It helps to sing a silly song at the same time.
Do calf raises as you do the dishes. Or, even better, assign all dishes to “husband-ly duties”.
Lift your child above your head as many times a day as you possibly can. Your strength grows with the child. I suggest doing it when putting them in the bath & after getting them out of the bath, when you get home from work & especially when you “fly” them into bed.
Do leg side lifts as you brush your teeth. It takes coordination, but it’s worth it.
When you’re waiting for an oven to heat up do planks, lifting each leg off the ground alternately.
While waiting for Miss/Mr Jnr to go to the toilet, tell them they need privacy – and do push ups on the hallway wall… eventually move to the kitchen bench, then the floor.
While watching the News (if you’re lucky) do straight legged high kicks… even though they won’t be very high to start with.

While waiting for computer files to transfer, straighten your legs & hold them off the ground for 3 seconds. Repeat.
When you’re downloading something, lift your feet slightly off the floor and lean back… then “stomach crunch” very slightly to the centre, then right, then left.
Ask for access to the fire stairs and always walk up the stairs in your office building. If you consciously do it *half* as slow as a slow walk, you won’t get puffed or sweaty. Leave time in your day for it & remind yourself you’re saving gym time.
On alternate days: 1) walk up the stairs flat footed taking 2 stairs at a time 2) walk up on the balls of your feet/tippy toes 1 step at a time 3) walk up normally but step on the outside edge of the step, then on the middle of the next step, then on the outer edge of the next and so on.

When you’re sitting at red traffic lights, do alternate butt cheek clenches until the light goes green.
If you’re stopped in traffic & it’s safe, do shoulder rolls… and more kegels. You can never do enough kegels.

You’ll thank yourself later 🙂


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