Online grocery shopping reduces cancer*

Watch out Coles & Woollies… even James Packer is investing in online grocery websites:

two James Packer backed websites now targeting supermarkets, as Deals Direct launches grocery website

For ages i’ve been thinking that supermarkets are a waste of resources… we drive there in peak hour traffic (wasting time), drive around for half an hour trying to get a car park (wasting petrol), we walk around in bright airconditioned buildings (wasting electricity), fighting against crowds (wasting time), trying to buy the same things we buy every week…

The supermarkets pay for refrigerated trucks (wasting petrol) to drive the produce to their multiple outlets… they pay workers to put all of the fruit & veg out in the morning (tons of it)… then they pay the same people to move it all back to the fridges again at night. I bet they don’t turn the fridges off, even when they’re empty. The checkouts are slow (wasting time) plus those conveyors & cash registers must use a bit of electricity?

Surely with just a few supersized warehouses, stock planning, a great online ordering/payment system… and an army of pickers & packers all of this could be done more efficiently?

It won’t take jobs away from Aussies… it’ll give us time & resources. We could all spend Saturday’s relaxing, eating healthy home cooked food & playing leisurely sports with our families instead of battling supermarket crowds.

Theoretically, the food could be fresher & less processed – families could have a standing order of “staples” delivered to their homes every week. Instead of Miss3’s bananas being shipped here, there & everywhere (farmers, markets, wholesalers, freight, grocers, in and out of the fridges) they’d just come straight to my home.

All of the electricity & carbon outputs saved could be put into building efficient & sustainable farming centres in regional Australia (creating more jobs & more relaxing lifestyles). Supermarket workers could become growers… they could get their hands dirty and do enjoyable physical work instead of standing at a checkout serving rude impatient customers.

Fresh food, physical jobs in the great outdoors & fresh air… this magical idea would even improve our health, reduce obesity, reduce depression, reduce cancer!

Ah… that was a fun daydream.

*Disclaimer: Online grocery shopping may not actually reduce cancer or reverse climate change. There is no evidence. Yet.


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