It has been one of those months… and this week just topped it all off. With Miss3 constantly unwell (from pneumonia to spider-bite) and other family & life pressures, I was starting to think “That’s it. I’ve got absolutely nothing left to give”.

But then I rediscovered an underutilised energy resource.

It started at the Imaging Centre today, waiting for Miss3’s chest xrays. The family behind us had two sick children, even younger than Miss3 and with more frequent hacking coughs. I reminded myself that no matter how bad things get, there are others worse off. So I dropped out of the line and pretended to look more closely at the news (it appeared to be riots of some sort?) and told the family to take our place in the queue. Miss3 kept telling the baby girl “You’re SO cute! You’re SUCH a cutie!” making the sick baby stop coughing long enough to smile… and the mother’s eyes welled up with tears. I looked away, not needing to be triggered myself.

While waiting for the xrays to be developed, I took Miss3 into Aldi to food-shop for the first time in 3 weeks. That’s how crazy busy this month has been. For the last week I’ve been making “leftover surprise” emptying every antipasto jar and frozen takeaway container to create concoctions resembling meals. So today my trolley was *supersized* as you can imagine.

Feeling sorry for the pensioners only buying 2 or 3 items I ended up letting a whole gaggle of single serving shoppers go through the checkout in front of me.

Afterwards back at the imaging centre I saw a man (holding a street directory) and as i slowed down & acknowledged him he said “Please, can you help me? No one else will talk to me!” Once he showed me where he needed to get to (another Medical Centre) i could understand the issue. With all of the roadworks and one way streets it would have been impossible to give directions. So I told him I’d lead the way to the main road he was trying to reach. It took perhaps 10 minutes out of my day & as I waved he & his wife on their merry way, their sincere gratitude (demonstrated with smiles & a multitude of thank yous out the car window) filled my bubble.

Driving Miss3 home for her much needed sleep, I mused on the abstract concept of Karma.

Having been brought up a Christian I was inculcated with Jesus’ gems like “There is more joy in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35) the The Golden Rule of “Do to others, what you want done to yourself” (Matthew 7:12) his advice to never judge others “Let him without sin, throw the first stone” (John 8:7) and the hardest one of all to execute “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:43-45).

Despite being agnostic, I’d say I still live by these principles… I’m proud that I naturally do these things, even without the promise of heaven or the threat of Hades and Sheol to encourage me.

Suddenly, feeling proud of my small (but good) deeds, i actually felt the warmth of the sun & felt the aching and tenseness in my shoulders relax a little.

And i felt reenergised and ready to give a little more.


2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. You always fill my bubble and funnily enough I have been so absorbed in what has been going on in my life that it was only an hour or so ago I realised that we have not spoken for ages.

    Let us drink bubbles to bubbles x

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