Themed rooms at Club Kids

[Some info for my Mother’s Group, but other parents might be interested too…]

I took Miss2 & Miss7 to Club Kids a few weeks ago & thought their themed party rooms were gorgeous:

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They also had a Hannah Disco Montana room and an Ahoy Mate Pirates room, but neither of them were set up/open on the day i visited.

A package including:

10 x children (minimum number)
45mins in the party room
2hrs of party “hosting” by Sweet Fairy Princess, Willy Wonkette, Ahoy Mate Pirate, Army Jungle Cadet or Hannah Disco Montana
Unlimited playtime in the centre
Chicken nuggets, hot chips & springrolls
Popcorn, cheesy crisps, fairy bread, cordial & water
1 x lolly bag per child
Fruit platter (additional $2.50 per child, not inc in “Supa Party” pkg but inc in the total below)
Themed partyware (additional $2.50 per child, not inc in “Supa Party” pkg but inc in the total below)
1 x balloon bouquet
= $30 per child over 1yo

This doesn’t include a cake (i like the idea of cupcakes or jellycups because all of the allergies can be “covered” but you’d have to do some negotiating to convince them that this is “the cake” or they won’t let you bring it in).

Realistically, your child will probably ask for an icecream too… and adults need to order their food separately (platters cost approx $40 each, you can’t bring any food into the venue). You can also order coffee. So allow a bit more cash than that for an afternoon at Club Kids.

With 6 metre slides, a bouncy castle, a disco room, ball pools, a climbing wall = the kids think it’s lots of fun.

All children confirmed for attendance 7 days prior will get charged at full rate (even if they do a no show).

Address: 83 Chapel Street, Roselands Ph: 02 9740 0600


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