2011 to-do list

Since every post i’ve vaguely drafted in my head ties in with my “plans” to make 2011 absafrickinglutely amazeballs i thought i should possibly write an actual 2011 to-do list.

I’m loathe to call them “New Years Resolutions” as I’m running a bit late for New Years. I feel like a NY resolution is something that should be drafted in late December the year before. Although I could use the technicality that it *is* Chinese New Year today! And if you want to make me look like i’m good at my job you can buy very pretty Year of the Rabbit zodiac stamps and coins here. /endofspruiking

I’ve never written anything resembling an annual plan before (not in my adult personal life anyway). It’s a pretty big deal for me because i’m a perfectionist and have an occasionally debilitating fear of failure… e.g. i’m so terrified of being crap that i won’t even attempt something new just in case. This is something my psychotherapist will surely help with… once i make an appointment. Hehe

Without further ado, here is my 2011 to-do list:

– Lists
– Memories
– Thoughts
– Plans

– Money
– Energy
– Time

– Water use
– Electricity
– Plastic
– Wastage

– Books
– Podcasts
– Music
– For fun
– To learn
– To grow

– Active
– Realistic
– Mother
– Lover
– Healthy
– Smart
– Positive
– Accountable

– Exercise
– TV
– Nothing

See how easy i made it? Every chance of success! 🙂


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