Miss Boots – The 4 part saga

In 2009 the gorgeous @Gabfran started begging me to blog for her. It took me months to think of anything to write. But then unexpectedly one afternoon i typed a 10 page tale. For a few days i wondered if i should burden @Gabfran with it since she had specifically requested a blog post as opposed to a novella.

I eventually located some proverbial “guts” and sent it through. @Gabfran quickly published it for me on her awesome Shoe & Yoga blog “Yoga & Shoes” before I had a chance to chicken out (wha? gmail doesn’t have email recall?)

My stories recieved rave reviews (from my Dad) and came under critical attack for their journalistic integrity (thanks Mum!) But all in all it was a wonderful experience because i felt like i got *things* off my chest. It was wonderful to write again. I was a compulsive diary keeper as a child until i found out I had avid religious readers. One fateful day i wrote in my diary “If my parents ever find out, i’m in deep shit!” I got home from school that night and my Dad said very calmly and ominously (especially since i had never heard him swear before and he hasn’t cussed ever since) = “Well, Kristen Liana. It turns out that you are in deep shit. So to speak.”

After that I (left home) and discovered online forums where i blogged under a pseudonym for the next 10 years – but since Miss2 was born i haven’t had the change to write much more than 140 character blocks. ILY Twitter.

Since 2010 was a particularly crap year for me and I have made some New Year Resolutions for 2011 (something I’ve never done before). One of my resolutions is to write more because I enjoy it and find it therapeutic.

I’d like to thank @Gabfran profusely for reminding me of this little fountain of joy I had completely forgotten about. I love your blog and I love you a thousand times more xox

These are the posts that started me writing again:

Miss Boots – A Shoe Story in installments. Part 1/4

Miss Boots – Part 2/4 – Doc Martens

Miss Boots – Part 3/4 – My Life Uniform

Miss Boots – Part 4/4 – The Escape Plan

And now, if you’ve got any more “spare” reading time… you might as well spend a few more quality hours on @Gabfran’s blog, because it really is that good.


6 thoughts on “Miss Boots – The 4 part saga

  1. this is 4/4???? Kristen Obaid!! I forbid you to end it like this!!! How long must we wait to hear more?!! Do you know how hard it is to get me to read stuff???? I mean, but really??? *throws hands up in the air and walks off shaking head…*

  2. I never thanked you for Miss Boots properly did I? Or for this lovely piece which I have just discovered via a digital breadcrumb trail that someone left from this page to my blog.

    Things happen for a reason. I can’t remember why I harangued you for so long for those blog posts. In retrospect, of course, it now makes perfect sense else how would I have ended up with you in my life? x

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