Old school search engines?

Over a year ago I was complaining to a Gen Y digital & social media digital marketing dude that Google doesn’t work how it used to.

I like to use specially chosen words to shape the exact sentence structure that I’m searching for. It worked perfectly for a decade – i was known as a Google queen (or just a know-it-all).

But nowdays Google tries to second guess me, and brings back results that I don’t want. It drives me mad.

This particular web 2.0 expert had no idea what I was talking about and confidently assured me that Google hasn’t “changed” and doesn’t search any differently.

I argued black and blue to the contrary but couldn’t think of a good example and couldn’t prove that old Google is different to new Google.

Until yesterday!

Yesterday I wanted to find something along the lines of “Islam instructs its adherents to be hospitable to travelling strangers.” So I googled “Islam hospitable” – and this came up:

Google Search for Islam Hospitable brings back irrelevant and useless results

Google Search for Islam Hospitable

HospitaLITY? IslamIC hospitaL? WTF, is Google stupid?

If I’d wanted any of those words to come up, I’d have typed them in. Why does Google have to assume I’ve made a typo or I don’t know what I’m looking for?

This morning when I heard that AltaVista is closing down I thought I’d head over there to check out the same search. This is what came up:

AltaVista Search for Islam Hospitable brings back appropriate results

AltaVista Search for Islam Hospitable

See? THIS is how a search engine should work.

After AltaVista shuts down… which search engine can I use to bring back organic results like this?


4 thoughts on “Old school search engines?

  1. I find I’m now having to google ‘what is the best way to’ and other longwinded phrases in front of whatever I’m googling nowadays. I suspect it’s because so many other people have started searching like that, and people have changed the way they title pages/do SEO. I could be wrong but it seems a little odd.

  2. @Claire I’m noticing that too! I have to actually type in the “whole question” to get anything resembling the results I’m looking for.
    MrO searches like that (he’s 37yo & only touched his first PC 5 years ago)… so i’m guessing they’ve changed the algorithms to suit this “new” search style.
    I think i’m beginning to trust Google less now days… because it feels like they’re manipulating us with the “answers” they give.

  3. Not to be difficult, but I actually appreciate that Google searches for other forms of the words I’m looking for!

    Having said that, it should give the option not to do that in case you’re quite certain of what it is you want to see results for.

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