ILY Inter-ma-net!!

My daughter (Miss2) and niece-who-lives-with-us (Miss7) are enrolled in dance school for the first time this year and I just can’t believe how time consuming it is.

I had no idea I’d ever be a mother of one, and yet I suddenly find myself being a stage mother of TWO.

Dance classes, costume fittings, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, more fittings, photos, more rehearsals, practice makeup, practice hair styles, real makeup, real hairstyles, MORE photos.

Any way I can find to save a little time (aka reclaim my weekend) is a godsend. That’s why I’d like to say a special thank you to a QLD based online retailer I discovered on Sunday afternoon (when I couldn’t be bothered wasting over an hour going to my closest dance shop to purchase toddler stockings in tan & ballet pink plus “shimmer” stockings in size 7-9).

A quick google brought me to … and two minutes later I had all three items in my shopping cart, at HALF the price I’d have paid in a real life store ($25 for baby sized stockings?? No way.)

But you know what impressed me most? This:

Mail pack from with stockings, business cards & receipt.

ILY Inter-ma-net!!

I ordered late on Sunday afternoon, the company is in QLD, I only requested standard post not Express Post… and they’ve already arrived first thing on Wednesday morning!

I love you Inter-ma-net!!

Next year I’m enrolling the kids in karate. Hope someone sells Gi’s online…


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