Brain Teaser

I found this on the back of a calendar and enjoyed spending a few seconds thinking laterally:

I am a 6 letter word.
Letters 6-5-2 spell out a drink.
Letters 4-5-2-3 spell out a fruit.
Letters 1-2-6 spell out a pet.
Letters 3-2-6 spell out a pest, which often gets eaten by 1-2-6.

I’d love to know which word you figured out first (to see if my mind works like other people’s i suppose!)



4 thoughts on “Brain Teaser

  1. You immediately guessed “tea” because there are no other 3-letter-drink words? Was “tea” the first/only thing that came to mind, or did it stump you for a minute.

    I didn’t even read the words really… i looked for number patterns and saw the recurrent 2-6 then worked backwards.

    I want to start doing these things more often because i’ve “forgotten” so many of the tricks… if you see any good (quick) ones please send them through!

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