No more IOUs, just use PayPal – #TheFuture is here Pt II

When registering for the half price eBay offer eBay users were asked 2 x questions: 1) Were you aware that you could purchase from eBay via your mobile phone and 2) Were you aware that you could send money to your friends via PayPal from your mobile phone

I’ve heard of “bumping iPhones” to transfer money and although i haven’t tried it yet, the concept seems very simple:

Sending money via PayPal

What’s the catch? I assume you need to set up a PayPal account to retrieve any money that a friend or customer has sent to you.

Instant money transfer using only your mobile phone = a really big deal for the future of retail and commerce in general.

One of Facebook’s main priorities this year is to set up a universal currency that can be used both online and in real life – they’re purchasing quite a few start up companies with this focus.

This means that people will be able to pay for things “on the go” without carrying cash, just their mobile phones.

Years ago i heard about vending machines in Tokyo where you dialled a phone number to dispense a Coke – and i must admit that i thought this technology would be more prevalent by 2010.

Perhaps this eBay/PayPal initiative is the start of a quick shift in mobile tech/mobile money use?

I’m hoping that before the end of the universe on December 21 2012* I’ll at least have paid for my car parking, my movie tickets, bought food and drink, entered a concert, purchased a nice pair of heels, caught a train and tipped a taxi driver using only my mobile phone… here in Australia!

I can’t wait to leave my home sans-wallet. The thought of only carrying a mobile opens up a whole new world of accessorising… like mobile phone shoulder holsters for men, and charger boots for the ladies.

Behind closed doors many Sydney gangstas, entrepreneurs and models are already showing off their uber-sexy bespoke red leather “Dealr” holsters designed and handmade by my talented brother in law Haitham Almaan.



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