Purchasing via smart phone – #TheFuture is here Pt I

I believe this offer signifies a really “big deal” for the future of ecommerce and marketing.

eBay Half Price if purchased on Mobile Offer

It’s a joint initiative from eBay and PayPal to encourage people to purchase directly from their mobile phones.

The offer was made to the “first 5,000 to register” – and those 5,000 places had been filled within 15 minutes of the email being sent out!

For years I’ve been talking about “mobile” being the future of marketing (especially with the influx of smart phones into the market). I think that this eBay initiative indicates that “the future” is now here.

In the US 38% of people say that their mobile phone is more important than their wallet*, and here in Australia there are now more mobile devices than televisions and computers combined.

So marketers, let’s all remember to include a mobile component in our future campaigns – and optimise all websites for viewing from a mobile device.

* Stat via @SaltyKoala


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