Fakery & censorship.

THIS SMH article makes me angry for two reasons.

1) Fakery

Yes, the Ralph Lauren image is clearly over photoshopped… no woman is really that skinny & the image should come with a disclaimer.

Personally, I think the whole world would be a better place if all photoshopped images had a tiny symbol in the corner to say “this image is fake”.

I recently read a Zoo magazine where every single woman had exactly the same body. Tanned, svelte legs, perky curvy bum, huge round boobs… but (after the first pic) it was dead B O R I N G. I’m sure they had one photo editor who did the whole magazine. I can’t believe that every man in Australia is attracted to that clone-type woman?

I was also priveleged enough to stumble across a nudie magazine the other day… and it was also boring but for an even more disturbing reason – all of the labia majora had been photoshopped out. The ladies looked like barbie dolls with little baby girl vaginas. It was disgusting.

2) Censorship

“Other proposals include restrictions on suggestive music videos and blocking pro-anorexia websites.”

This makes me so angry, I can’t even verbalise it effectively.

At least the women on suggestive music videos and on pro-anorexia websites are real women.

How is censorship a solution?

How about we just ban food to solve the problem of obesity?

The worst thing about the nudie magazine that i saw is that it was the CENSORED version. On the inside front cover it said something along the lines of “Whoops, you’ve picked up the MA15+ version that we’re allowed to sell unwrapped in service stations. If you want the good version, look for the black plastic with the red R18+ logo”.

What the? 15 year olds (surely the most common readers of nudie magazines) are allowed to see the de-labia’d photos that look like child pornography. Doesn’t this cause a little confusion later on when they see a real woman’s vagina?

Labelling images as fake might work, but censorship won’t.


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